. . . is a totally informal group of ordinary friendly people, just like you, who enjoy walking.

A Brief History of BLISSTERS

BLISSTERS evolved early in August 2005 as an impromptu spin-off from the highly successful Liss Walking to Health Group. which is still based at Liss Triangle Centre, and is now offering Gentle Walks of less than 2 miles.

The majority of the walkers involved in BLISSTERS first joined Liss Walking to Health. Despite their enthusiasm for the Walking to Health Initiative, they and many of the Walking to Health Voluntary Walk Leaders in Liss felt the need to free themselves from the constraints imposed by being based at The Triangle Centre. BLISSTERS operates, by kind arrangement with the landlord, from the Whistle Stop public house in the centre of Liss and has built upon the success enjoyed in its previous incarnation, by extending its programme of walks and other activities.

Although BLISSTERS is a totally independent and informal group, currently with no allegiance or ties to any other walking group or organisation, the principles behind the Walking to Health Initiative are respected by the walkers and we still adhere to many of the guidelines laid down both nationally and locally by Walking to Health.

Consequently, BLISSTERS offers an enjoyable and worthwhile alternative for anyone who lives in or near Liss, and who wants to take (more) exercise in convivial company, to meet new friends, and to take part in other social activities organised by and for the group. Those in the group pride themselves on the enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere surrounding all our activities.

Our principal walks are generally more active than those offered by Walking to Health, being mostly between 2 and 3.5 miles in length, and somewhat faster, although we do offer occasional longer walks, usually on Sundays or as part of special events.

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