. . . is a totally informal group of ordinary friendly people, just like you, who enjoy walking.

Why do we walk?
In this age of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, most of us are keen to improve or maintain our health. Many of us need, at some time in our lives, to recuperate from illness or injury. Taking regular exercise is probably the most fundamental aspect of achieving these objectives. But we want to do it in an enjoyable way, preferably in the company of others.

It is now generally acknowledged that regular walking for at least half-an-hour a day is one of the most effective ways of taking beneficial exercise. If that walking can be done sociably, and in
green space, then there are also likely to be significant benefits to mental well-being.

Many people find it difficult to join gyms, clubs or societies but they find our relaxed, amicable, free-and-easy, come-when-you-like approach is just what they need to break the mould and make new friends. Walking in a group also offers a degree of safety which is difficult to guarantee if you walk alone.

Furthermore, studies have shown that taking part in such walks regularly for as little as eight weeks will normally produce a significant change in lifestyle for anyone who hasn't previously taken much exercise.

When and How do we walk?
Our principal walks take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, starting at 10:15am from the Whistle Stop public house in the centre of Liss (opposite Tesco Express). The walks last up to one hour (approximately) during which we walk at a pace to suit ourselves, brisk enough to raise the heart rate and to cause modest exertion in the form of faster breathing. At all times we should be able to continue a normal conversation, if not - SLOW DOWN! A short warming-up period at the beginning of the walk, and slowing down at the end is recommended, especially for those with heart complaints, whether diagnosed or not. There is never any pressure to speed up in order to keep up with others.

Weekday morning walks conclude with tea or coffee - and a lot more chat - at the Whistle Stop.

We also have a programme of Sunday events which comprise walks

In the group we have a number of walkers who have been trained as Voluntary Walk Leaders for Walking to Health. Normally, all walks will be accompanied by at least two of these, acting merely as guides, but with the experience to deal with problems, in the unlikely event any should arise. They carry mobile telephones, water and basic first-aid materials.

We make no charge for any of our walks. However, walkers must pay for their own refreshments and any expenses incurred on walks away from Liss or for special events.

Where do we walk?
The routes we use vary in length, terrain and difficulty. They cover many of the easily accessible country lanes and footpaths surrounding the village of Liss. We are fortunate to live amid such beautiful countryside, so why not take advantage of it?

On the third Tuesday morning of each month we normally offer a longer walk lasting 75 - 90 minutes for those who want to stretch themselves, and their legs, a bit more.

Our Sunday walks away from Liss use routes which we have researched, walked and assessed for suitability. Our aim with these walks is primarily to provide an interesting trip away from Liss with the added bonus of taking exercise, hopefully without noticing! These trips may be taken by train or by car-sharing and usually involve pub lunches or include free time for sight-seeing and to have a picnic or find your own meal.

Start times and details of Sunday walks may vary but are all featured on this Website and in our monthly Newsletter. If you are uncertain of the start time or any other information, please telephone the number on the Contact Us page before setting out to join us.

Do we offer any Shorter Walks?
If there is a demand for such walks we will do our utmost to provide them on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. In general, however, such walks are readily available with the Walking to Health groups based at the Triangle Centre, Liss or at Winton House in Petersfield. See Links List for details of both and other groups in East Hampshire.

Do we organise Social Events?
As a consequence of growing friendships, those involved in BLISSTERS have begun to organise social activities for the group as a whole. These include Skittles Evenings, Quiz Nights, Ten-Pin Bowling, Beetle Drives and other similar activities. More recently we have been arranging walking weekends and short breaks away from Liss, either in Britain or Europe. No doubt, more events will be added to the list as time goes on . . .

How do we Publicise our Activities?
In addition to providing regular updates on this Website, for the convenience and interest of everyone in the group, we also produce BLISSTERS, our monthly printed Newsletter and Walk Diary which contains full information on all our walks and other activities. It is available free of charge during any of our walks.

If you'd like to join us, all you have to do is turn up at any of our walks.

Are we The Ramblers?
No! We are not affiliated or associated with The Ramblers Association in any way. The Ramblers offer an extremely valuable service to those whose main objective is to take strenuous exercise by walking much longer distances than we do. On the other hand, we offer much more relaxed walks aimed at combining social interaction with exercise. One of the big advantages we offer is that you can walk two or three miles without even noticing you've done it - because you've been so busy chatting!

All our walks are subject to change according to circumstances on the day. Extreme weather conditions may demand cancellation of a walk, and conditions underfoot may occasionally necessitate a change in route.

If you suffer from a medical condition which might be affected by taking exercise, you would be well advised to consult your doctor to seek his/her opinion before taking part in our walks.

The following statement explains that everyone who walks with us, or takes part in our activities, is responsible for their own actions and does so at their own risk.

All reasonable attempts are made to ensure that the walks and events listed are safe and do not involve trespass, but no covenant to this effect is made or implied. All persons taking part in any of the walks or events do so entirely at their own risk and on the strict understanding that the guides accept no responsibility whatsoever for any injury (including death) to any persons, or destruction to property, however caused (including negligence) by or in connection with participation in the walks and events.

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